Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Givaway!

Happy Almost Fall Everybody! I love Fall so much, the crisp leaves, the warm cider...falling out of apple trees trying to pick that perfect fall apple..all of it!

I always have an annual Halloween Party, and this year I am going to be featuring my fellow Etsians who I decided to purchase party favors and such from! If I trade or purchase a favor from you, you will be featured in my blog post, after the party with party pictures and all!

So ready for the giveaway?!

This fall I am giving away:

Baby Blue Hedgehog Key Chain!

Ways to Get Entries:
-Add me on twitter: http://twitter.com/EtsySungal
-Go to my shop and leave a comment about what you like the most: Www.sungal.etsy.com
-Make a purchase (makes four entries), tell me when you do it
-Make a trade (makes four entries), tell me when you do it
Drawing will be held on Sept. 6th